On Assignment in Japan

Last month I was super excited to go out on my first overseas photography assignment. My mission (which I accepted) was to create a set of marketing photos for a newly established team at Kiso Ontake Tourism Organisation, who are sponsored but the Japanese government, and tasked with promoting the lesser known Kiso Valley -... Continue Reading →

National Geographic Traveller UK Magazine Monthly Theme Winner!

Whoop! Yeah baby! I won a small competition in National Geographic Traveller UK magazine and I'm thrilled to bits to have my photo featured in the June 2017 issue of the mag. The magazine holds a monthly competition called "Your Pictures" with a different destination theme each month - go check it out HERE and try... Continue Reading →

The Colours of Dungeness

Last time I visited Dungeness it was in black and white, so this time it was in glorious colour (although I did want to limit the palette). However, without a clear vision in mind of what I wanted to shoot I took a little while to warm up. I was keen to avoid the 'classic' shots of train... Continue Reading →

Hey Saturday, Martin Parr and Me!

Let's hear it for Hey Saturday for being featured on the BBC website!! This was super exciting news for my biggest client, and extra exciting for me to get a photo credit in the article as well (scroll aaaaall the way down!). It was for a shoot I did to document Saskia, the brains behind Hey Saturday, photographing Martin Parr, the... Continue Reading →

Save our NHS!

Yesterday thousands of people gathered in Tavistock Square and marched across central London to Parliament Square to demonstrate in favour of a fully funded and publicly owned NHS service. It was a perfect spring day, the vibe was peaceful, positive and friendly. The march also attracted Anti-Trump protesters and pro-migrant supporters! It was awesome. And while our NHS... Continue Reading →

My Shot Featured in Timeout

So nice to see one of my shots featured in Timeout! Although it's not one of my best... It was one of the set I shot one cold night last year for a homeless charity Rhythms of Life. The portrait is of Andrew Farris the founder of the charity, and while Andrew is a very... Continue Reading →

Comedy Film Festival Shoot

The London - Worldwide Comedy Short Film Festival took place in Hackney Attic on Sunday 5th and Sunday 12th of February. After being approached by the organiser of the film festival via my Meetup group - London Street Photography, I organised three photographers to cover each of the two nights of the festival (including myself!). Half... Continue Reading →

Spy Games at the Barbican

Inspired by the work of Robert Koci Fernandez and his wonderfully grainy high contrast iPhone images (usually including a man in a hat!), I took my street photography group to the Barbican to play spy games. The wonderful Brutalist architecture of the Barbican in London lends itself to a noir cold war soviet vibe. Instructions included wearing dark... Continue Reading →

For the Love of Neon

A second visit to God’s Own Junkyard and a second chance to challenge my Meetup group with the task of shooting for an imaginary magazine dedicated to Neon, with Issue 2 no less!!! See my own pictures here in a previous blog post and see Issue 1 here. So without further ado I would like to present the 3 double page spread dedicated to my... Continue Reading →

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